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    The main purpose of this page is keeping our square dance families connected with important information. We might only be a member of one club now, but in the past we may have danced at many other clubs. This is a good way for our dance family to know about other dancers. Every club has members that are sick, hospitalized, or have passed away. There are also many happy times with engagements, weddings, and births.

    This is the kind of information we want for the sunshine page. If there is someone in the hospital, sick or that has died or just needs some prayers, let us know the information and we will put it on the website. Important information to be included would be an address to send cards, and if they are accepting visitors or phone calls. If someone is arranging meals for the family and could use some help, let us know that also. Please include a contact person and email or phone number that we can touch base with so we can keep the information current.

Note! Items will be posted for approximately 2 weeks unless otherwise requested.

Prayers Needed


Myrna Perkins - Update

This afternoon at about 3:00 PM Myrna underwent surgery again for the 3rd time this week.  Her leg was removed just above the knee. Mike reports that she is resting and many prayers are needed for a very long time.  I was able to speak with her for a few minutes and she is holding her own.  Please do not forget this family.  I have communicated mostly by text with Mike due to his being there for Myrna and this may be less disrupted, he will take phone calls when he can.  Their son and daughter are there with them and we are thankful for that. If anyone has info on this to share, please do so and thank you to each and everyone of you. Jim & Julia
Prayers Needed


Myrna Perkins

Myrna Perkins & family are in need of your prayers and cards.  Myrna went in on Mon, 1/29 for knee replacement surgery.  On Tuesday morning blood clots had formed in her leg and she was rushed to Oklahoma Heart Hospital at 4050 W Memorial Rd, OKC, Room 319;  They immediately did surgeryagain on Tues, 1/30 to relieve the clot.  This did not give the results needed.  Infection in the leg caused the blood flow not to return.  On Thursday, 2/1 Myrna will undergo surgery again and this time they plan to remove part of her leg, the exact is not known to me at this time and will probably not be known until surgery.  The probability is below or above the knee. At this time her son is here and her daughter is on the way. Your prayers and cards would be greatly appreciated. This will be a trematic experience so please give this family all that you can with your love and prayers. Jim & Julia

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