Central District. You might ask yourself..."Where IS Central District?" It is a 40-mile circle around Oklahoma City or about 5000 square miles. There are currently 17 Square Dance clubs within Central District.

Central District is all-around support in Central Oklahoma for folk dancing: square dance, round dance, clogging and contra. The Association provides assistance for clubs, callers, cuer/instructors and is responsible for the yearly Square Dance Jamboree.

Hello for the first time from Bill and Melissa Hancock. We are excited to start 2018 as your new Central District Presidents.

The theme for 2018 will be “Traveling Dancers.” Nothing will improve your dancing skill, increase your enjoyment of square dancing, and enhance the success of our clubs more than club visitation. I challenge every club and every dancer to visit at least four clubs in 2018. I plan to visit 18 clubs this year!

We are excited to work on several goals:

  • Increase visitation
  • Improve District communication
  • Improve publicity
Improving District communication will be accomplished several ways. For Central District Communication, major District and club events will be listed:
  • In the Grand Square newsletter
  • On the Central District Website
  • On the Central District Facebook page
  • Via email blasts if you provide us with an email address to send them to.
  • We will also add in text messages to Central District Board Members.
Improving District publicity will be accomplished by continuing the successful programs of the last couple of years and adding more to the website and Facebook page.

On July 29, the afternoon before the Summer dance, we have scheduled a marketing professional who happens to be a nationally famous caller, Mike Hogan. Mike will give a presentation and answer some questions on marketing square dancing. Normally this seminar is provided by the Callers association for District callers. This year your Central District and the Central District Callers are working together to provide the seminar to both your caller and to officers and interested members of each club. We are also inviting other callers and officers from around the state. This is a once in a decade opportunity to learn more about marketing square dancing and your club.

Let’s be Traveling Dancers
Bill and Melissa Hancock
2018 Central District Presidents
"Howdy" Letter - Grand Square - January 2018

So what are you waiting for? The #1 benefit derived from dancing is FUN. Secondary benefits include: physical activity, mental stimulation and social interaction. It might behoove you to check into some form of folk dancing if you have just retired or perhaps have just sent your last child to college. Visit a club of your choosing and just watch. If they appear to be having FUN, they probably are. You can too.

Yes...I might be interested. What's next?

There is a phone number you can call for assistance if you don't find what you're looking for here...that number connects you directly with the Oklahoma Central District Square Dance Association. The number is: (405) 682-6459

Link to Central District home page www.okdev.swingingrebelsokc.org

Looking for Lessons?

Then look no further. You have found the best and most up-to-date listing of quality instructors in the State. If any of the clubs are sponsoring lessons now, they will be listed here.

Need an event?

Looking for someplace to go or something to do on a Saturday evening? What better way to spend it than at a Square Dance. Get out and DANCE.


With over 15 clubs within Central District, there is a dance somewhere soon. This page offers an interactive schedule of club dances and officers.

Officers, Contacts and Constitution

Central District has a long listing of both Elected Officers and Appointed Officers. See their info and contact information. Also find our defining document...our Central District Constitution.

Caller's Roll Call

Central District Callers and Cuers. Look at all that talent...well doggies!


Dancers receive news two ways: word-of-mouth and the Grand Square Newsletter. Here you can view back issues and subscribe.

Oklahoma and Square Dancing

A little essay about the veiled beginnings of Square Dancing in Oklahoma. A timeline to put items in perspective. A listing of Central District's Presidents (1947 - present).

Visit 9

The visit 9 program and Central District - short but informative.


Shortcuts to some of the most valuable information on the Worldwide Web.

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