WELCOME to the website for Oklahoma’s Central District Square Dance Association. Our clubs are scattered within a 40-mile radius of the Oklahoma City area. Currently, the district supports 19 local square and round dance clubs that dance each day of the week. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on you STAR Member donations to provide assistance for local clubs, develop square dance callers and round dance cuer/instructors, educate the public about the benefits of dance recreation, and host district/community events.

THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER TEMPORARY RECONSTRUCTION. If you don't find what you are looking for call 405-682-6459.

Dances, community events, lessons, and exhibitions are happening all around the city! Become a STAR Member for $10.00/per year and stay connected. Join CDSDA today! Mail your STAR Membership Donation to: CDSDA Treasurer, P.O. Box 7152, Edmond, OK 73083. The STAR Membership Club Contest starts December 15 - February 15, 2020.

Stay connected, Stay Active. Become a STAR Member today! Monthly Calendars of activities are available. Call for your email copy! You'll wonder why you didn't try CDSDA before now! DANCE JUST DANCE!!

District Dances - Official State Visit 9 Events

March 29 at the Northwest Event Center, 6009 NW Expressway, 6-9pm Call 405-682-6459 for Advance Reservations

May 30 Annual Jamboree- TBD

August 29 District Hoe Down Dance- TBD

October 31 District Fall Festival- TBD

2020 CDSDA Executive Board Officers want to see you dancing and in better health this year. Join us for the health of if! It is medically proven that dancing improves your body and mind

Nancy, Mary & Dan, Ruth, Mark, Mary & Steve, Bill, Deborah, Pat, Bridget & Loren, Kay & Roger, Sharon, Vanette & Nathan
Central District Square Dance Association, Inc.
January 2020

So what are you waiting for? The #1 benefit derived from dancing is FUN. Secondary benefits include: physical activity, mental stimulation and social interaction. Visit a club of your choosing to dance or just watch. If they appear to be having FUN, they probably are. You can too.

Yes...I might be interested. What's next?

This phone number connects you directly with the Oklahoma Central District Square Dance Association. The number is: (405) 682-6459

Link to Central District home page www.cdsda.com

Looking for Lessons?

Then look no further. You have found the best and most up-to-date listing of quality instructors in the State. If any of the clubs are sponsoring lessons now, they will be listed here.

Need an event?

Looking for someplace to go or something to do on a Saturday evening? What better way to spend it than at a Square Dance. Get out and DANCE.


With over 15 clubs within Central District, there is a dance somewhere soon. This page offers an interactive schedule of club dances and officers.

Officers, Contacts and Constitution

Central District has a long listing of both Elected Officers and Appointed Officers. See their info and contact information. Also find our defining document...our Central District Constitution.

Caller's Roll Call

Central District Callers and Cuers. Look at all that talent...well doggies!


Dancers receive news two ways: word-of-mouth and the Grand Square Newsletter. Here you can view back issues and subscribe.

Oklahoma and Square Dancing

A little essay about the veiled beginnings of Square Dancing in Oklahoma. A timeline to put items in perspective. A listing of Central District's Presidents (1947 - present).

Visit 9

The visit 9 program and Central District - short but informative.


Shortcuts to some of the most valuable information on the Worldwide Web.

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